Vehicles | April 14, 2017 9:00 am

You Won’t Have to Wait Till 2020 for This Russian Bronco Killer

Watch your back, Ford

In Russia, it’s considered a numinous no-no to celebrate one’s 40th birthday. Something to the effect of the 40th is associated with — dun-dun-dunnn — death.

But Russian manufacturer Lada Niva isn’t having any of that mumbo-jumbo. They’re throwing caution to the wind with two new special editions launching in celebration of their SUV’s 40th anniversary.

And we’re very happy they are.

Lada Niva (3 images)

The two new 4x4s, very creatively coined the Edition and the 40th Anniversary, will enjoy a 1,977-unit production run. The Edition will come in beige, red, white, terracotta and grey-blue, with eco-leather upholstered interior and a poppin’ red-orange instrument panel. The more sophisticated 40th Anniversary edition will come with a camo exterior, a first for Lada, with a black interior.

If you’re thinking, “Hey, that bulky silhouette and super unsubtle grille/badge combo look awfully familiar,” we’re with ya — this thing looks like a slightly undersized Bronco killer if there ever was one. And given that Ford recently confirmed their iconic 4×4 will be re-released as a mid-size SUV in 2020, the timing seems serendipitous.

The special editions will come to market this June.

Watch your back, Ford.