Vehicles | February 22, 2017 9:00 am

Indian’s New Leather-Clad Roadmaster Is Prettier Than a Sunday Drive

But no one's stopping you from riding her all week

In an homage to the Indian motorcycles of yesteryear, the Roadmaster Classic just went full pioneer chic. It’s a kind of hog that’s begging to be driven through the Badlands … by one dashing biker.

Roadmaster (7 images)

The hard saddlebags and hard trunk have been swapped out for iterations sheathed in leather. There’s still lenty of storage — 33 gallons worth — for maximum touring. But durable as leather may be, you’re likely advised to check the forecast before hitting the hills on this beauty. All the other contemporary bells and whistles remain, though, and for an approachable $28,000.  

In addition to the Ride Command infotainment system, the Roadmaster Classic features cruise control, ABS, heated seats and heated grips.

So, while it may indeed look fully Grizzly Adams, it has all the Grandpappy comforts in tow.

Head on over to Indian Motorcycle for all the details.