McLaren Is Finally Ready to Outdo the F1 With Their Fastest Car Ever
Patrick Gosling/ Beadyeye
By Alex Lauer / March 21, 2018 9:00 am

Though it’s been out of production since 1998, the McLaren F1 is still the household name in unreasonably fast consumer supercars.

And while the British automaker is far from a one-trick pony, if they’re going to upgrade an icon, they’re going to wait for the right moment to do it. This month’s Geneva Motor Show — 20 years since the last F1 came off the line — was that moment.

There, McLaren announced a “Hyper-GT” road car capable of exceeding the F1’s peak speed of 243 MPH. The codename: BP23 (Bespoke Project 2, three-seater). For those keeping score at home, that means this will be the fastest McLaren ever.

But in toppling the F1, they’re also paying it homage. As the label suggests, the BP23 will feature a three-seat layout (driver’s seat centered in front, two in back) and be limited to 106 models, just like the F1.

Where the vehicle differs, though, is … hard to tell, in certain terms at least. While we know it’ll be a gas-electric hybrid, the actual design won’t be unveiled until the end of 2018, with production slated for the end of 2019. The main photo above is merely a “camouflaged McLaren 720S mule.”

McLaren BP23 (3 images)

It’s an excruciating wait time, but you can stop holding your breath. Every single one of these BP23s has been sold, for around $2.24 million each, since November 2016. But never fear, this isn’t the only news out of the marque in recent months. From the porthole-equipped Senna to the rumors of a pure EV on the horizon, there are plenty of McLarens to go around for those who can afford one … along with the inevitable speeding tickets that will follow.

Photos via McLaren Automotive