Vehicles | July 6, 2016 9:00 am

You Can Now #VanLife From Your Bedroom With This VW Camper Bed

For the kiddos, mostly, but also kinda-sorta for you

Back in 2011, a guy named Foster Huntington quit his cushy New York design job to travel the U.S.

He hit the open road in a van. A few vans, actually. Saw all the things. Released a book about his travels.

And created the now ubiquitous #VanLife hashtag.

Now you, too, can live your hashtaggian-van-life dreams … and you won’t even have to leave your bed, thanks to Circu’s Bun Van.

This thing’s obviously a child’s bed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t live vicariously through your children, or out-of-towners, who would be absolutely thrilled if you picked one up for the guest room. Think about it.

Featuring a fiberglass exterior finished with shiny chrome touches, it’s got all the makings of classic VW camper, retrofitted with multiple storage compartments, a mini-bar and a TV.

You’re gonna have to hit up Circu direct for a price quote. And it’ll cost ya a pretty penny, trust.

But, you know, you’ve got a job for all that. #VanLife