Vehicles | May 16, 2016 9:00 am

Bike Is 108 Years in the Making, Prettier Than Your Prom Date

Italians do it better. But you knew this.

Bike Is 108 Years in the Making, Prettier Than Your Prom Date

They say you’ll never forget how to ride a bicycle.

If a new collaboration between Heritage Division and a 108-year-old Italian bicycle builder is any indication, that maxim goes for making bicycles as well.

Designed in California and handmade by Taurus at their family-owned factory in Milan (which has been churning out bikes since 1908), Heritage Division’s first collection incorporates classic and modern elements for a built-to-last bike that’s stylish but not flashy — and one you won’t find anywhere else.

“The uniqueness of the process is based on 95% human-powered manufacturing, combined with the ability to manufacture bikes in small batches,” says Heritage Division CEO Roberto Scaccia. “We like to think of ourselves as a sustainable micro-factory, which isn’t common these days.”

Owners will be able to follow their bike’s journey from factory to door using Heritage’s custom-built app, and a GPS sensor managed by an AI bot that’s implanted inside the frame can send an alert message if the bike is stolen, as well as provide other valuable information.

The bikes, which will be limited to an initial production run of 50 pieces, feature a Brooks saddle, front and rear lights, and racks. They are available in vintage race car-inspired colors like midnight blue, black brown, gray, or light cream and there are four styles to choose from: Corsa ($1,350), Lusso ($1,500), Strada ($1,450) and Viaggio ($1.500)

The company is also offering customers curated bike trips to Italy for an additional fee.

Better start practicing your response to the phrase “Bella bici.”