Vehicles | June 13, 2016 9:00 am

Give an Architect a Bike and, Well, This Happens

ECCE Cycles’ Opus line is like nothing you’ve ever seen

Most people, for whatever reason, cannot draw a bicycle to save their life.

Belgian architect/designer Pierre Lallemand is not most people.

Lallemand recently partnered with Ripley Bikes and ECCE Cycles to design a new line of two-wheelers that turn the classical bicycle blueprint on its two-wheeled head.

Offered in carbon fiber or wood, the models in the Opus range come with headlights, leather saddles from Brooks, Gates belt drives, 11-speed rear hub transmissions from Shimano Alfine and futuristic frames that somewhat resemble the Nike swoosh.

Designed to break away from the look of standard bikes, the models in the Opus range are customizable upon request. “It is no longer a matter of riding a bike,” says the disclaimer on ECCE’s site. “One is astride an unusual object, a true piece of art.”

The company is taking preorders for the carbon fiber models ($10,800) before a September shipping date, and the handmade wooden models ($17,050 to $20,450) are expected to be available next year.

Just do it.