Vehicles | September 21, 2016 9:00 am

Doing Donuts in a Formula E Race Car on Ice Caps Looks Rather Fun

One more reason to prevent ‘em from melting

Jonny Lee Miller Dexter
Jonny Lee Miller as Jordan Chase, opposite Julia Stiles' Lumen in Season 5 of 'Dexter' (Randy Tepper/Showtime/Courtesy Everett Collection)

Unless it’s under very specific circumstances, electricity and water simply do not get along.

Electricity and frozen water, on the other hand, appear to be pretty simpatico.

In order to raise awareness about global warming and the disappearance of sea ice, Formula E driver Lucas di Grassio took a zero-emissions race car for a spin on an ice cap in the north of Greenland.

Or, to be more specific, the Brazilian driver took the fully-electric racer for a series of spins.

The donut display will be part of a documentary that’s set to debut on November 13th, about a month after the FIA Formula E Championship series returns  in Hong Kong on October 9th.