Meet the Chinese E-Supercar That Eats Tesla S for Breakfast

If Marty McFly landed in 2015 and found a car with a cockpit like a fighter jet that ran on electricity, he might have tried to trade in the DeLorean.

Unfortunately for McFly, that car wasn’t even unveiled until 2016.

Faraday Future, an automotive startup backed by the billionaire behind China’s answer to Netflix, revealed the 1,000-horsepower FFZERO1 during a CES press conference this week. The electric smart car, which boasts a 0-60 time under three seconds, tops out at over 200 MPH and gathers biometric data about its driver via an integrated instrument panel, is the brainchild of Future’s chief designer, Richard Kim.

Kim — who helped create the BMW i3 and i8 — called the FFZERO1 “a distant cousin” to the vehicle Future will initially start producing in a couple years’ time, but insisted the concept was sound, according to Jalopnik. “All the dimensions, suspension geometry, it’s all real,” he said. “Almost everything on the FFZERO1 has a connection to the production car.”

With a $1 billion manufacturing plant in Nevada due to open this month, some version of the FFZERO1 is coming.

Until then, it’s not quite real, but it’s spectacular.