Vehicles | May 4, 2016 9:00 am

Dubai Startup Announces $55k Roadster With Some Serious Vroom

Feel free to disrupt your way right into our garage, gents

In Silicon Valley, startups make technology. In New York City, they make content.

And in Dubai, they make toys. Fast ones.

Jannarelly Automotive, a partnership between auto designer Anthony Jannarelly and carbon fiber parts specialist Frederic Juillot, is set to launch a lightweight, customizable, 304 HP roadster named Design-1 in the near future.

Designed to evoke the timelessness of ‘60s sports cars, the two-seat Design 1 is outfitted with a steel tubular frame, aluminum chassis, fiberglass and carbon fiber body, and a 24-valve V6 that can send it from 0-to-60 in less than four seconds and deliver a top speed of 135 MPH. Owners can customize their cars with “endless possibilities” like different body parts, windscreens, hardtops and more.

The first run of roadsters — which will comprise just 30 cars — will be delivered this summer for a price around $55,000.

Watch your six, Mr. Musk.