Vehicles | September 26, 2016 9:00 am

Racing Full-Size Dodge Vans Is the Ultimate Motorsport

It makes those IndyCars look a little...precious

In addition to being the land of the rising sun, Japan also seems to be the land of the racing van.

A subculture of Japanese racing enthusiasts have begun using full-size Dodge vans called Dajibans to battle each other on the track as well as drift and the result looks about as entertaining as you think it would be.

The track-ready vans — most of which are equipped with V8 engines — also are used to transport bikes to the racetrack and, according to the newest video about the Dajibans culture, they are quite popular with fans of video games like Grand Theft Auto.  

None of the vans are as fast as this one, but we’d still love to take one for a spin, or a drift.