Heroes Roll Up In a Pedicab Full of Beer
By Evan Bleier / August 8, 2017 9:00 am

As a means of mixing drinking and moving quantities of booze relatively safely from Point A to Point B, we previously thought the party bus, while imperfect, was the best option we had.

Clearly that was prior to when we found out about London’s Prosecco Van and also obviously before we were able to bask in the Coaster Beer Trike’s three-wheeled glory.

Equipped with a part of built-in beer taps that can be hooked up to insulated kegs stored inside the trike’s 41-cubic-foot aluminum cooler, the pedal-driven “tap room on wheels” is built by hand in Missoula, Montana, by Coaster Pedicab.

A hydraulic rear brake, 24-speed drivetrain, sturdy steel frame and full sets of head, brake and running lights make sure the bike is as safe as possible and an on-board Bluetooth stereo, pair of speakers and color-changing LEDs make sure an impromptu party is never too far off.

Beer Trike (3 images)

Weighing in at 350 pounds (without up to three kegs or a driver), the bikes start at $6,950 but can be outfitted with custom features that’ll push the price north from there.

“We know what pedicabs are capable of better than anyone, and we’re willing to go there,” the company says. 

Helmets though people, helmets. And always have a DC (designated cyclist).