Vehicles | June 22, 2017 9:00 am

Jaguar Is Hiring Gamers to Make the Cars of the Future. Apply Within.

Solve this puzzle. Get fast-tracked. Prosper.

Getting a job has come a long way since the days of plastic Help Wanted signs hanging in the window.

For their part, Jaguar is keeping up with the times and the changing global culture as we become an even more connected, digitized civilization: The company just announced an intiative to recruit 5,000 new hires from electronics experts to engineers, and since they are targeting the most tech-savvy candidates, the application involves completing several puzzles and games to enter into the running.

To apply: Download their app (of course), study and solve the skill-testing puzzles, including building a rendering of their upcoming I-PACE concept. If you’re an ace, they’ll call you in. That part’s not so different from traditional job hunting.

“The nature of jobs is changing, and what we should be looking for is changing,” said Barbara Marder to the New York Times. Games come with their own unique benefits, she said. “They’re very attractive in attracting candidates and keeping the short attention span of millennials. That’s not an insignificant challenge.”

The “game” lets the user into a garage for the band Gorillaz (who collaborated on the project) to produce a Jag with increasing levels of obstacles along the way.

Traditional applicants will still be considered, so even Luddites can probably get their foot in the door the old-fashioned way. But what’s the fun in that?