The Lamborghini Urus Just Got the Chinese Knockoff Treatment

Hop in the Lamborghini Urus and you’ll be safe from dirt, sand and snow.

But there’s one thing not even the marque’s “super” SUV can thwart: Chinese knockoffs.

The C60 Hyosow is a lookalike cooked up by Huansu, one of the brands owned by state-run automaker Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Co. (BAIC). Naturally, this means a steep undercut: the Urus starts at $200K, whereas the Hyosow will retail somewhere from $15,570 to $23,355, according to Car Scoops.

Hot damn, so does this mean we can all have Lambos for one-tenth of the price? 

Not exactly.

The design elements here are undeniably lifted from the Urus, from the framing of the front grille to the taillights to the contouring on the hood, profile and rear. But when it comes to the performance, there is, of course, no comparison.

Lambo Urus (3 images)

The Hyosow will reportedly be running a turbocharged two-liter, four-cylinder engine with an output of 181-HP and 210 lb.-ft. torque. Compare that with Lamborghini’s twin-turbo four-liter V8 with 641-HP, 627 lb.-ft. torque and the unforgettable 190 MPH top speed, and Urus would clearly eat Hyosows for breakfast.

For those interested in driving the SUV equivalent of a waffle, the Hyosow will be hitting the Chinese market in December.