Vehicles | October 28, 2016 9:00 am

This Is a 4WD Electric Skateboard. It Climbs Things.

It's not Marty's hoverboard, but it'll tide us over

The bad news about Acton’s electric skateboard is it won’t break the world speed record.

The good news about the four-wheel-drive Blink Qu4tro? Pretty much everything else.

Made of aluminum and carbon fiber, the deck of the Blink Qu4tro rolls on wheels that each have an electric hub motor inside of them that, when combined, produce an output of 1,600 watts.

Thanks to its power system, the longboard has a 22-mile range and top speed of 23 MPH, as well as the ability to climb hills like a champ despite it’s relatively heavy weight (17 pounds).  

Equipped with a LED running lights and a red tail light for safety, the board can be controlled using a remote that handles acceleration and braking and does double duty as a carry handle.

Even better: the board’s Panasonic lithium-ion battery can recharge from the dead in about three hours.

Hope there’s an outlet at the bottom of Heartbreak Hill.

Acton is selling the board on Indiegogo for $1,099 which, believe it or not, is a 30% discount.

Keep rolling.