Vehicles | September 2, 2016 9:00 am

The Dorkiest Vehicle Batman Ever Drove Is on Sale

Are you the hero the Batpod deserves?

Like James Bond before him, Batman has has a habit of trashing some wonderful toys.

But since his trash is almost certainly another man’s treasure, at least one of those trashed toys is about to get a new owner.

Warner Bros. is auctioning off the Batpod, which emerged from the wreckage of the Tumbler in The Dark Knight and played a prominent role in The Dark Knight RisesThe bidding is now open at $60,000; it’s expected to go for as much as $80,000.

They made six of these prone-positioned vehicles, with 31″ Hoosier racing tires and a Honda 750 engine; however, this is the “hero” one that was featured in all of the closeups. It still has the cannons and laser targeting unit, both made of plastic and fiberglass. They’re not functional, but look pretty cool.

It does have some minor dings to the body, and you’ll need to add a fuel tank, throttle controls and a battery. But that could be a fun thing to do in own little Batcave — aka your garage.