Vehicles | April 17, 2017 9:00 am

How Many Times Do You Think the Guy Behind This Moto Shop Has Seen ‘Mad Max’?

Hint: It ain't zero.

In life, it’s important to have dreams. If they involve flame-breathing custom motorcycles out of a George Miller fan fiction, all the better.

And Barbara Motorcycle Concepts is in the business of making those kind of dreams come true.

The way the Paris-based firm operates is pretty simple. You supply them with a photo of the bike you’d like to use as a basis for a custom build and explain the additions that you’d like to make. Using that information, they create renderings in Photoshop that a builder can then use.

“Fancy a change of color, test a new tank, a new saddle, a new exhaust line, or a complete preparation?,” Barbara says. “Visualize precisely what your project will be before you pass it on the deck of your favorite preparers.”

If you fancy the cut of the gib of the renderings below, here’s how to get in touch with ‘em for a build of your own.