Vehicles | May 10, 2016 9:00 am

Chromed-Out Fighter-Jet Bikes Are the Best, Aren’t They?

Careful. If you stare at it too long they say you’ll go blind.

If it looks like a jet …

And it feels like a jet …

And it runs like a jet …

It’s probably a … Motorcycle?

Created to pay homage to the turbine engine-enabled aircraft that revolutionized air travel during the Jet Age, the AVA from Ho Chi Minh City-based Bandit9 is a minimalist style bike with a polished steel unibody that was handbuilt by shop founder Daryl Villanueva.

The custom motorcycle shop crafted the AVA out of metal, rubber, leather and not much else. The limited-edition ride relies on a 125cc engine for power and a sleek Honda Supersport frame for superior maneuverability and quickness.

Villanueva’s designs draw inspiration from comics, books, movies and “anything sci-fi,” as well as air and spacecraft of the ‘50s and ‘60s

“We were aiming to go to the moon, breaking the sound barrier,” he says. “There were cars in the ’60s that actually had jet engines in them. It’s kind of sad that we’ve lost that spirit.”

Each one of the shop’s bikes is produced in sets of nine, with the first build taking about six months and subsequent models taking about 4-6 weeks each to produce. Even better, the $10,950 sales price for the AVA includes free international door-to-door shipping.

If you’re interested in one of the two wheelers, drop the Bandit Chief a line and get ready for takeoff.