Vehicles | March 7, 2017 9:00 am

Just When You Thought Aston Martins Couldn’t Get Any Sexier …

Is it a road car or a race car?

The folks at Aston Martin know a thing or two about a thing or two and one of ‘em is hypercars.

Fresh off the heels of finishing up a 1,000-HP beast for Red Bull’s F1 team, Aston Martin has decided to double down on hypercars and show off the expertise of its motorsport department with a new sub-brand called AMR that will exclusively focus on crafting high-performance cars.

While the cars AMR will produce will be complex, the purpose of the sub-brand is pretty simple as the new department will build high-powered versions of every model in Aston Martin’s lineup.

To show off its full range of capabilities, AMR’s first two projects are a Rapide AMR with a six-liter naturally aspirated V12 and quad exhaust system that can hit 210 MPH and a track-only Vantage AMR Pro that’s powered by a racing-spec transmission and V8 packing 500 ponies.

AMR Division (2 images)

“Each time we have pushed the boundaries and done something extreme, the customers have loved the cars,” said Aston Martin CCO Marek Reichman. “AMR enables us to take Aston Martin into a new dimension. One where we can turn-up the sporting DNA present in all of our models and make a true statement.”

As proof AMR is not just a flash in the pan, the Vantage and Rapide will be put into production with the AMR held to just 210 models and the AMR Pro limited to a series of only seven cars.

Good luck getting one.