Vehicles | February 24, 2017 9:00 am

You Only Need Two Things to Take Off and Land This Aircraft: Your Feet

Meet the Archaeopteryx. Don't worry, there's no spelling test.

We’re in a rapidly advancing aviation age of hoverbikes, drone taxis and flying cars. But not all new aircraft need to be automated.

Case in point: Archaeopteryx. This personal aircraft conducts takeoffs and landings with nothing more than a little legwork — literally.

Named after dinosaurs that existed between non-avian feathered dinosaurs and modern birds, these evolved hang gliders are designed and built in Switzerland by Ruppert Composite. Coming in at only 140 lbs and an impressive 45-foot wingspan, this will get you airborne in no time while alleviating the fear of ending up on AFV. Simply hook the pieces together, strap yourself in and run, Wright, run!

Archaeopteryx (4 images)

Once you pull your legs inside and your glide has begun, the design lets you cruise for extended distances no matter the wind conditions. When it’s time to come down, you can shoot out those spindly, breakable legs of yours and start running, or use the not-connected-to-your-body landing gear.

But you’ll pay a pretty penny for the extra stability and safety (including an integrated rocket rescue system), with the Standard edition with an open cockpit coming in around $78,978. If you want a full cockpit fairing, you’re looking at $87,323. And the Electro edition with an electric drive system will put you over the $100K mark.

But when you’re soaring over the trees in a dino-glider with the Jurassic Park theme playing in your head, what’s a cool hundred grand matter?