Vehicles | March 1, 2017 9:00 am

Alpine Is Back After 20 Years of Beauty Sleep. It Worked.

Well that's one way to come out of retirement.

A blast from the past is ready to take the Geneva International Motor Show by storm.

French automaker Alpine just woke up from a 20-year snooze to present its new A110 coupe under the stewardship of Renault. And while the namesake dates back to the 1950s, not a ride has left the lot since the ’90s.

We know a just three things about her so far:

  • In an homage to the year the company launched, only 1,955 examples will be produced
  • There will be a great emphasis on weight and agility
  • And if it’s going to be anything, it’s going to be very fast.

Oh, and that we’re very excited for more details and a test drive. So four things.

Keep an eye on Geneva for the official release.