Vehicles | July 21, 2016 9:00 am

This Alfa Romeo Is The Definitive Off-Road Ride of Summer

Calling all Alfaholics and Alfa males

Who needs a Land Rover when you could cruise around in a life-sized version of a boyhood toy?

See also: off-roading.

Steering off the beaten path isn’t something that usually pops to mind when someone says Alfa Romeo. But this forgotten dream shakes up the game. The Alfa Matta, meaning mad or crazy in Italian, is a Jeep-esque military build with a DOHC hemi-head four cylinder, 4WD and suicide doors. Suicide. Doors.

She looks darling, and it has a long, adventurous history including rogue raids and jaunts to the North Pole, China and the Tour de France.

This baby’s rare, fully restored, in excellent condition and yours for $58k. Truth be told, the Matta tops out at 65 mph. But that’s fine. This is one care you’re going to want to be seen in. Take it slow.