Vehicles | December 7, 2016 9:00 am

You Can Tow an Airstream Behind a Sno-Cat, Apparently

These guys: 1. Winter: 0.

The holidays are a great time for bringing people together, and this year, Airstream met Tucker. Based on how perfect they look together, we’re guessing they’ll be a happy couple for years to come.

The pair got together when some folks from Weston Snowboards hitched an Airstream Basecamp to their ‘79 Tucker Sno-Cat and set out to experience the Colorado backcountry.

The chemistry experiment was off to a great start and when a blizzard hit — which only added to the fun, as the vintage Sno-Cat easily pulled its new friend through more than two feet of fresh snow after the Basecamp was outfitted with special treads made from repurposed Weston boards.

The description of the event — which was put on by The Public Works — reads like poetry:

“The sound of the cat’s four tracks could be heard before it could be seen in the blowing storm. Then the lights would start to show, then the orange, and then the shiny aluminum of the Basecamp. There was no doubt from anyone involved that this was the first of many more adventures of the Basecamp and Tucker; paired up in perfect, snowy, harmony.”

Eat your heart out, Robert Frost.

Nota bene: We know petitions are probably the last thing you want to think about right now, but if you sign this one, you get a rebate on a 2016 Airstream.