Apparently This Is a Bicycle. It’s Real Nice to Look At.
By The Editors / April 19, 2016 9:00 am

Antique furniture restorer-turned-bike builder Luca Agnelli says, “Perfection does not exist for me.”

After looking at the Italian’s new line of ‘50s-inspired e-bikes, we beg to disagree.

His range of Agnelli Milano Bicis combine retro-looking frames and fuel tanks sourced from 1950s bikes and scooters with battery-powered electric motors and LED lights to create two-wheelers that seamlessly blend vintage style with modern touches.

The bikes are customized with various refurbed features, including forks, tires, seats, pedals and grips, along with custom paint jobs that ensure “each creation is unique and unrepeatable.”

“Fascinated by the master craftsman of yore, where beauty was absolutely a key principle, I wanted to create this little bicycle production that goes back to the masterpieces of the first half of 1900,” Agnelli says.  

To find out about availability, pricing and customization options, send Agnelli an email.

He speaks Italian, so you may want to fire up the old Google Translate first.


All images courtesy Agnelli Milano Bici