Vehicles | April 3, 2017 9:00 am

There’s a New King of the RV Park. Hear It Roar.

Where this thing's going, it makes the roads

It’s a bad cliché at this point, but the Germans really do live up their reputation as dependable engineers.

You can add to their biblically long CV one Action Mobil, a 4×4 mobile home that’s bigger than an elephant and capable of transporting a family deep into farflung and otherwise inaccessible places.

atacama (7 images)

They’ve been at it since 1984, with some models so spacious they could actually house smaller vehicles that would then be dispatched from a hydraulic lift in the rear. Newest to the fleet is their updated Atacama model, which includes solar panels, a washer/dryer combo and a luxury kitchen.

And if you need some inspiration on where to use it, check out this story they recently ran on following a herd of elephants through Namibia.