Vehicles | November 25, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s What $2M Will Do to a Nissan GT-R GT500

It gives you one comically large wing, for starters

You’ve seen that show Extreme Makeover?

Person insecure about their looks gets objectified and cattle prodded by team of quote experts, who then give said person plastic surgery, a new wardrobe, some makeup and fitness regimen.

This is like that, except the subject is a popular streetcar: the Nissan GT-R GT500. The Extreme part remains very much, intact, however. As in: they threw $2 million at it.

The most glaring addition: one notably monstrous rear wing. And that 74.8-inch carbon fiber swoop up is going to come in mighty handy considering the downforce needed to tame the brute’s 650 ponies, which come courtesy of a regulation-appropriate turbocharged 2.0-liter inline.

Translation: the Nismo is zippier in straight-line speed with slower corners but has less grip in slick conditions as a result of a 25 percent reduction in downforce.

It’ll compete in the upcoming season of Japan’s Super GT race series, where Nissan hopes to pip their dark rival, the Honda NSK, to the title.

Learn more about it (via Nismo TV) below.

via Motor Authority