Vehicles | December 30, 2016 9:00 am

The Oldest Ford GT Prototype Is on Sale, Slower Than Your Grandma’s Scooter

Nothing a good mechanic can't take care of

There are many ways to own a piece of history: fossils, antiques, race cars …

Wait, race cars? Yeah, we’ll take one of those, please and thank you.

Enter the first and last functional 2004 Ford GT Prototype CP-1.

After Ford made three display models in ’03 that are now housed in the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, this ’04 emerged as the premier test ride. It’s jam packed with some fancy exclusives you won’t find anywhere else: a carbon fiber rear, a steering column from a Ford Windstar, an experimental exhaust, silver-trimmed seats and signatures on the exterior from the original Shelby and Ford design crews.

It’ll be rolling across the auction block this January. And one lucky lad, for approximately half a million dollars, will quite literally roll away with it: the CP-1 is fitted with a chip that limits its top speed to 5 MPH.

But a few extra bucks and a good mechanic can probably fix that, and we’re also guessing it means this ride is free of any wear and tear.

via Cool Material