This Scout Will Make You Want to Grow a Beard and Drink Coffee Out of a Tin Cup

We recently opined the International Harvester Scout as one of the most under-rated SUVs in automotive history. Allow us to bolster that claim with this impecably restored 1972 Scout II.

This vintage Scout is a collaboration by motorcycle lifestyle brand Iron & Resin and the 4×4 experts at New Legend, who each took pains to keep the proto-SUV spirit alive while upgrading the ride in all the right places to transform it into a bona fide adventuremobile. 

1972 Scout (6 images)

The buyer will be get a top of the line stereo system, waxed canvas and Horween leather interiors by Iron & Resin, a roof rack and a primo swinging motorcycle mount round the back.

Besides those upgrades, the four-speed automatic transmission and  5.3-liter LS V8 engine are about the only modern bits on the rig. The rest is pure, unadulterated nostalgia porn. And it could be all yours for $62K.

For more info, you’ll wanna reach out to Iron & Resin direct.