Vehicles | January 9, 2017 9:00 am

When Does a Tractor Cost $100K? When It’s a Lambo, of Course.

You might have to sell the farm for this one

In case you didn’t know, before Lamborghini was a symbol for the 1%, it was actually a name known best by the working class.

The story is said to go something like this: tractor and industrial engine maker Ferruccio Lamborghini and sports car maker Enzo Ferrari got into a tiff when the former complained about the quality of the latter’s makes. Ferrari couldn’t have cared less and told Lamborghini to stick to making tractors while he himself grew the Ferrari name.

There’s nothing quite like proving someone wrong to fuel inspiration, and that’s why in the 1960s the affronted Lamborghini set out to create his own sportscar empire. We all know how that went.

But while Lambo’s tractors and military makes are typically a side note in the marque’s history, they were fine machines and remain in production today.

What makes  this fully restored charmer such a rare find and a gem of a collector’s item is the fact that the tractors were never imported to the United States. This DL25 has been finished in token Lamborghini Trattori red with blue hits on the chassis and wheels and runs on a two-cylinder Diesel engine that can still function as the workhorse it was intended to be. The 25hp beaut started bidding at $37k and ended at a whopping $100k.

At that price, the buyer might have needed to sell the farm.