Travel | September 29, 2016 9:00 am

Why Stay in an Airbnb When You Can Book This Former Nazi Resort?!

Good vibes!

Oh, the marketing complications of selling a holiday at a former Nazi hotel. 

Such is the dilemma faced by the PR team at Prora, a three-mile-long vacation resort originally built for the erstwhile Aryan nation. Adolf Hitler had hoped it would draw like-minded souls from across his would-be empire for a few days of R&R; as the German military effort fumbled and then failed, the complex, known then and now as Prora, was left to decay.

Five years ago, it opened as a 400-bed youth hostel, with the German Youth Hostel Association crowing that the hostel was located “in the world-famous Prora KdF buildings,” according to Der Spiegel. (Nazis will recognize “KdF” as “the Nazi organization “Kraft durch Freude” — “Strength Through Joy” — which sought to promote Nazi ideals through leisure activities such as mass tourism.”)

In this latest iteration, Prora will operate as both a resort destination (with views of the Baltic Sea from balconies) and high-end residence. The complex is so big, in fact, that they’ll only take up a portion of Prora’s eight units. Real estate agents will need to pursue buyers with not only a blinkered view of history but also some money in the bank: basic models are expected to fetch around $400k. 

We’re sure the vibe will be amazing. Photos — of a place none of us should ever go except to make a documentary about the worst travel ideas ever — below.