10. San Antonio, Texas (Getty Images)
10. San Antonio, Texas (Getty Images)
By Rebecca Gibian / December 29, 2017 5:00 am

It’s the debate that never ends: What is the best city in the United States? Well, Travel + Leisure polled its readers about what urban centers stood out from the pack. This year, there was a clear answer for which region ranks highest: the South. Eight out of the top 15 cities hailed from there, including Nashville, San Antonio, and Asheville, North Carolina. Readers say they love them for the food, beer, scenery, and shops. Travel + Leisure also writes that another theme among the winners is that many of them host marquee festivals, like the SXSW Festival in Austin or Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

So what is the best city to live in? According to Travel + Leisure readers, it is Charleston, South Carolina. It has history, great food and drink, beautiful views and plenty to do. Check out the gallery to see the top 15 cities in America.

1. Charleston, South Carolina

1. Charleston, South Carolina (Getty Images)
Getty Images

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico

2. Santa Fe, New Mexico (Pixaby)

3. Savannah, Georgia

3. Savannah, Georgia (Wikipedia)

4. New Orleans, Louisana

4. New Orleans, Louisana (Wikipedia)

5. Nashville, Tennesse

5. Nashville, Tennesse (Pixaby)

6. Honolulu, Hawaii

6. Honolulu, Hawaii (Wikipedia)
Carol M. Highsmith

7. New York City, New York

7. New York City, New York (Getty Images)
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8. Austin, Texas

8. Austin, Texas (Pixaby)

9. Asheville, North Carolina

9. Asheville, North Carolina (Getty Images)
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10. San Antonio, Texas

10. San Antonio, Texas (Getty Images)

11. San Francisco, California

11. San Francisco, California (Wikipedia)

12. Chicago, Illinois 

12. Chicago, Illinois (Pixaby)

13. Williamsburg, Virginia

13. Williamsburg, Virginia (Wikimedia Commons)

14. Boston, Massachusetts

14. Boston, Massachusetts (Wikimedia Commons)
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15. Portland, Oregon

15. Portland, Oregon (Getty Images)
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