By Reuben Brody / June 5, 2017 9:00 am

Is it even possible to walk the entire earth?

If you start in Denmark it’ll only take you a few minutes.

By that, we mean visiting Verdenskortet (literally “world map” in Danish), a sort of roadside attraction that garners some 35,000 visitors annually to experience its miniature map of earth laid out on a the edge of a lake. The map is 350 feet by 150 feet and is set to a scale of 69 miles.

Verdenskortet was made by Søren Poulsen, who began the project in 1944 when he noticed that part of his property resembled the Jutland peninsula. Using only hand tools and wheelbarrow, the stone and sod map took him 25 years to build, right up to his death in 1969, reports GOOD.

Flagpoles signify nations, and there are cobblestones for geographic borders and yellow bricks for the states in the U.S. Small paddle boats are available to tour the Pacific. Time to cross approximately all the countries off your bucket list.