Traveling to Havana Just Got Easier

Readling Our Man in Havana with a mojito closeby — good.

Watching the Buena Vista Social Club with a Cuban cigar in hand — better.

Actually going to the land where the Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament has been held for decades — fan-frickin’-tastic.

Thanks to the U.S. government expanding the list of acceptable reasons for travelers to head to Cuba, hitting up this year’s tournament in May just got a little easier. 

The Treasury and Commerce Departments made it kosher to head to Cuba for temporary sojourn, professional meetings or conferences, public performances, humanitarian projects and a few other reasons.

The loosened restrictions now also allow U.S. airlines to deal directly with airlines from Cuba in order to facilitate travel and even lease land on the island.  

If you do make it over there, bring some Cubans back with you. We’ll take the leftovers.