Travel | September 13, 2016 9:00 am

The Rooftop Airstream Hotel of Your Dreams Is Open for Business

One ticket to Australia, please.

If you don’t mind sleeping in a 31-foot metal box, you’ll want to either A) buy an Airstream, or B) check into the brand-new Notel, an Airstream hotel of sorts installed on the roof of a parking lot in Melbourne, Australia. 

Airstream hotels are nothing new: they’ve been planted everywhere from the top of a Cape Town hotel to the California desert. But as we observed when this project was first announced, the Notel eschews the usual vintage aesthetic for something decidedly more modern. 

Take, for example, the mural (seen above, to the left), produced by local artist Ash Keating with his trademark tool: a fire extinguisher filled with paint. Each Airstream’s bedding is also uber high end (queen-sized beds are fitted with Aussie Aura linens), wifi is available in the shared common area and every trailer comes with an iPad Pro. 

Inside each Airstream, vacation home clutter has been reduced to a minimum. There are no cooking facilities, either, making room for the generous sleeping quarters and ensuite bathrooms.

That said, our top choice would be the Airstream with the best outdoor appointment: a private Sapphire spa (read: hot tub).

It’ll be summer in Australia soon. Book now