Travel | September 13, 2016 9:00 am

The Ultimate Booking Site for Adventurous Travelers Has Arrived

There's a new sheriff in last-minute-flight-deals town

Vacations aren’t what they used to be.

Our preferred destinations have shifted in what would previously have been unexpected ways, with regular favorites like Miami, Paris and Cancun no longer so hot. Just try sending a woman of childbearing age to the American tropics (no, thanks, Zika) or a significant number of travelers to France (Italy is basically just as nice without the anxiety about social unrest). 

With change comes new opportunities — and new, innovative software to take advantage of them. Don’t know where you’re headed? Just want to get out of town? More and more websites and apps cater to last-minute, brand-agnostic travelers, from the bog-standard Booking Now (which trades in same-day hotel reservations) to apps like Recharge (which allows hotel booking by-the-hour) to Kiwi, which offers an excellent radius search — tell it to find the best fare within, say, 100 miles of your hometown, and it’ll do the job. 

Operating on a similar philosophy, we now have, a dead-simple flight search tool that shares a veritable grab-bag of flight deals every day, making it perfect for the traveler who cares more about value than destination.

Want to fly from LA to Bangkok? Here’s a deal … for under $500 round-trip. Chicago to Warsaw? Also under $500. More than its competitors, it’s fun: you won’t know what’s there till you check it out, and the site rewards frequent pop-ins, since good deals expire and sell out. 

It’s not the old style of traveling: You know, pick a destination, build a trip around it, get hosed on the flights. So if you’re dead-set on a certain location, it might not be the right tool. But if you’re looking for an adventure, this just might be the best place to start.