Salt Sea Residences. (Greer Brody/J Public Relations)
Salt Sea Residences. (Greer Brody/J Public Relations)
By Zachary Weiss / March 23, 2018 5:00 am

Heading out East to Montauk requires a journey of sorts. Whether you choose to schlep via car on often single-lane Long Island Expressway, or via train on the Long Island Railroad, the journey from Manhattan will usually require at least 3 hours of travel. The result is often a run-of-the-mill beach hotel room or a share house packed to the gills with your fellow beach-goers. That is, until now. Gurney’s Montauk, the sprawling seaside compound known for their wellness programs, handful of tasty eateries, and unmistakable beach parties, is taking an entirely new approach to the Hamptons real estate market with Gurney’s Residences.

“The Residences at Gurney’s Montauk are unique in that they offer complete luxury and ease for their owners in one of the world’s most valuable oceanfront settings,” said owner George Filopoulos. “The oceanfront views and expansive decks are amongst the best found anywhere in the Hamptons, and were previously only available at much higher price points.”

Point of View Residences. (Greer Brody/J Public Relations)

These generously appointed private homes are also prohibitively limited. Prior to now, just six “Salt Sea” and six “Hilltop” apartments were available but lucky for us, another six are set to debut this summer.  Aptly named the “Point of View” residences, these beachfront hideaways designed by Peter Bowden of PETERMAX, are unlike any other thanks to the ever-shifting Montauk Zoning laws which now prohibit construction this close to the water. Simply said, nothing like the “Point of View” can ever be created, making these six pads a scare commodity worth their weight in gold.

Forget about the usual hassles of a summer shack too. Owners are privy to daily turndown and cleaning, butler service (including preparation for arrival!), dedicated owners’ beach cabanas, and watersport equipment storage, as well as access to Gurney’s restaurants like Scott Conant’s Scarpetta Beach, the hotel’s seawater spa and pool, beach nannies, and wellness retreats and fitness classes.

To add to the intrigue, these pricey properties are a smart investment. Should you and your chosen crew not be heading out to Montauk, your home can be easily rolled into the hotel rental pool with a single call to the front desk. Nightly costs range from $800 to $3,000 per night, at the height of the summer season. The resulting revenue is split with Gurney’s Resort – 60% for you and 40% to the hotel.  While it’s not the sort of investment that eventually pays for itself, an arrangement like this certainly takes the edge off. Should you like to snap up your own Gurney’s hideaway, pricing starts at $2.2 million.