Travel | May 20, 2016 9:00 am

A Brief Survey of the World’s Most Decadent Hotel Amenities

Underwater weddings, fragrance butlers and Bob Dylan’s studio

Despite the recent home-sharing boom, hotels aren’t going anywhere. Because when you book a hotel, you’re not really looking for a home away from home.

You want something better.

Which is why W Hotels just announced plans to install 600-square-foot recording studios in hotel rooms around the world. These “Sound Suites” — already taking reservations at the W Bali-Seminyak and coming soon to Hollywood, Barcelona and Seattle — will run you $150 for a four-hour session.

But they’re not the only high-end hotelier offering the kind of rooms that are a destination in and of themselves. Here’s a rundown of other offerings around the world that come with more than a view and some complimentary pillow chocolates.

For Music Buffs
A noise complaint in the early ‘90s led to the creation of the now-famous Nightbird Studio located in the basement of The Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood. Evidently writer/producer Jed Leiber and guitarist Jeff Beck were making too much noise, so the management moved them into the hotel’s laundry room. Eventually it was transformed into a full-fledged recording studio that has since hosted Billy Idol, Bob Dylan, Jamie Foxx and John Legend.

No guitar? No problem. Just check into a Hard Rock Hotel. The chain seeks to live up to its name by offering guests complimentary Fender guitars and even DJ equipment for use during their stay.

For Motorheads
Want to explore in style? The Chatwal Hotel can provide guests with an in-house Mercedes for getting around New York City. Then there’s the Fowl Cay, an all-inclusive private island resort in the Bahamas, that hooks guests staying in their villas with their own 15-foot powerboat and unlimited gas.

For the Finer Things
Is it presidential-level creature comforts you seek? You’re in luck. The Wellesley in London happens to have the largest cigar humidor in Europe, showcasing over $2.15 million worth of the world’s finest cigars. Meanwhile, Vancouver’s Rosewood Hotel Georgia has their very own fragrance butler to help you pick a cologne like Hermes Terre d’Hermes or Bulgari Pour Homme.

For Getting Lit
Kenya is probably the last place you’d expect to find a private collection of unpublished letters by the likes of Ernest Hemingway and David Livingstone, but Segera Retreat gives its guest a chance to browse, along with their extensive collection of contemporary African art.

For Man’s Best Friend
Bringing along your trusty canine companion? The Lowell in New York offers room service for dogs. Items on the menu include the likes of filet mignon tartare and ice cream for dessert.

For the Betrothed
Ready to tie one on? As in the proverbial knot? Hotel Metropole Monte Carlo just announced they’ll be conducting underwater weddings. Free diving champion Pierre Frolla will wed couples 40 feet below sea — diving gear included (that’s a black wetsuit with top hat, bow tie and tailcoat, and a white neoprene wetsuit with voile skirt, pink scuba tank and vail). Music and a reception of Champagne and pastries to follow.

Time to check in. You may never check out.

Main image via W Hotel