Travel | March 27, 2017 9:00 am

You Can Now Charter a Flight Straight Into the Belly of an Aurora

They do say the view is always better from the top

Now this is a spectacular flight. 

Truth: We’ve heard some meh reviews of trips to see the Northern Lights (most notably in New Yorker contributor Lauren Collins’s memoir, When in French; most persistently in a million unenthusiastic TripAdvisor reviews). Too much cold, too little pizazz. So if we’re going to do the aurora, we’re thinking: do it once, do it right. And nothing looks more right than this chartered flight in New Zealand, an eight-hour tour offering a once-in-a-lifetime vantage on the aurora australis.

Tickets were not cheap: NZ$4,000 works out to about $2,800, which works out to about $6 a minute. But given the results, we’re thinking that’s a pretty reasonable price. 

Who wants to arrange the next charter flight?