Travel | October 17, 2016 9:00 am

What Do You Call a Safari but With Skiing and Food?

Who cares? Just book it immediately.

This isn’t the kind of safari you might have been expecting. 

Not on the menu: giraffes, sundowners, khakis, leopards. 

Instead: better stuff. 

The Italian alpine region of Alta Badia, in the heart of the Dolomite mountain range, has some very clever people behind its marketing efforts. For example: their annual “Gourmet Ski Safari.” 

Take skiing on glorious alpine peaks. 

Add Michelin-starred meals at a dozen or so ski huts in the mountains, reached by skis — each hosted by a different local chef, recruited from various nearby high-end resorts, who will discuss and celebrate the regional cuisine, a mixture of  German, Austrian, Swiss, and Italian. 

For a preview of the deliciousness, we refer you to this report: “Extravagant dishes range from hay soup to mountain goat ham served with oysters and caviar.” 

If you can ski, and are possessed of the human ability to taste — well, we don’t know why you haven’t bought your ticket yet for this year’s edition, on December 11. 

Hot toddies will never compare.