Most People Would Never Kayak Into a Pitch Black Sea Cave

How ya like dark spaces? 

Underground? How about a network of kayak-able tunnels leading from one side of an island to the other, via an underground waterway? 

All the while hoping a massive wave doesn’t push through the surf — smashing you against the rocks? 

This video is harrowing. And awesome. And super ballsy. 

It was taken during Irish kayaker Iain Miller’s attempt to pass beneath the island of Umphin, off the coast of Donegal, by way of an underground tunnel. Miller had one crack at this passage every day, during low tide — which even then only gave him 60 minutes to make it the 980 feet. If he got stuck, or lost, the tunnel would flood. Presumably he could have bailed out and swum for it, but still — harrowing. 

When not kayaking perilous passages, Miller enjoys climbing the sea stacks of his native land and guiding visitors to its peaks. See more about him here