Ride Top-Down in the First Ever Convertible RV

Have you ever laid down in your recreational vehicle, stared at the plastic white ceiling and thought, stargazing would be nice right about now?

We have some good news for you.

As noted by Curbed, the new Skydancer Apéro debuted at CMT (Caravan, Motor, Tourism) Show in Stuttgart, Germany last week as a production-camper cabriolet (which is how the French say convertible). Using a Fiat Ducato as its base, the all-white Skydancer Apéro is the first ever RV with a convertible top that can be retracted while camped and while you drive.

(You can take a 3D tour of the camper here.)

Designer Piotr Kubinski split the RV into two separate parts. The top level (“the cab”) features four all-leather luxury seats and long side windows for maximum viewage while you drive. The cab also features a folding dining table, so you can throw your own rooftop dinner/cocktail party (though maybe not while the vehicle is in motion).

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The living space is in the lower area of the RV, behind the front wheels and accessed through the side door or by steps through the cab. The Apéro sleeps four; a large 79” x 55” raised bed takes up most of the rear and includes windows on three sides, while the driver-cab seating area converts to a second bed. And of course the RV includes all the usual amenities, like a gas stove, sink, fridge and a bathroom with a toilet, fold-down sink and shower. There’s aso a rear garage that can hold all the bikes, skis, and scooters you desire.

The base price for the Skydancer Apéro is $146,000, and according to New Atlas, Skydancer hints at a possible electric version in the future.

Photo: Skydancer