Travel | January 5, 2017 9:00 am

Here’s How to Tour the Himalayas Like a God-King Among Men

Involves helicopters — and lots of zeroes.

How do you like your adventure travel?  With or without a side of Frette sheets? 

If you’re in the latter crowd, have we got the trip for you.

Nepal is one of the world’s adventure capitals, even if (or: “fittingly”) its infrastructure necessitates bumpy, long bus rides — and considerably worse, persistent air crashes. But what if travelers with cash to spare had an easy, luxurious way of spiriting between the base camps of some of the tallest mountains in the world — including Lhotse and Everest? What if instead of ultra-lightweight tents, guests slept in “the sumptuous shelter of a boutique hotel”? 

This, you will not be surprised to learn — given the ever-expanding experiences afforded to travelers with a highly refined taste for luxury, literally anywhere — is now available. Credit Remote Lands’ Himalayas by Helicopter tour for ensuring that guests experience the best of the region with minimal fuss, including stops at “the basecamps below eight of the 10 tallest peaks on the planet” and guide service from actual Himalayan royalty, Tashi Tenzing, climber and grandson-of-Tenzing.

If you’ve got $27,000 just sitting around, why not? 

That question, actually, isn’t rhetorical either. We write from personal experience, and terrible Nepalese buses are also … incredibly fun. You have to pity the wannabe climber who helicopters his way to Everest base camp rather than mixing with the hoi polloi and making the hike by foot: Do you really want to head to Everest without climbing as much of it on your own power as possible? You’ll be able to tell people about the destination, sure.

But cliché as it may sound, it’s the journey that matters.