Travel | March 23, 2017 9:00 am

China’s ‘Tree House Hotel’ Is Essentially a Habitable Jenga Tower

Minus the violent implosion part, hopefully

Some hotels are worth traveling for.

Like: this “tree house hotel” by the Shanghai-based Bengo Studio. It comprises a series of stacked timber volumes, almost as if some really good-looking shipping containers had been stacked together. Each space opens up to a different view. 

tree house (7 images)

It’s pitched in a forest in the Huangshan mountains of eastern China; we can’t describe them better than some unsung Wikipedia editor already has: “Huangshan is known for its sunrises, pine trees, ‘strangely jutting granite peaks’, hot springs, winter snow, and views of clouds touching the mountainsides for more than 197 days out of the year.”

Book your tickets now, people.

Photography: Chen Hao