Travel | March 9, 2017 9:00 am

There’s One Airline That Will Always Dominate Business Class

Economy is not in their vocabulary.

Qatar has long offered a superior business class experience: This is, after all, the airline that offers an entire, dedicated terminal to its business class passengers. Things, though, have gone seriously next-level with the introduction of their new biz-class cabin: Welcome, the Qsuite

Qatar (5 images)

Possibly the best thing about it is the flexibility of its configuration. Say you’re flying with your family, rather than solo: A quick switcheroo means that you can basically all eat together. You can even sort of bunk down together if you’re flying with a partner (or a very lucky kid — personally, we’re sending ours straight back to economy.) And there’s basically doors, offering enough privacy to get you through the night. 

Want to check it out? First, you’re going to need to wait to travel until July. Look for it first on the airline’s Doha-to-Heathrow route, expanding thereafter to Paris and J.F.K. If you’re thinking, But wait, I have no interest in going to Qatar in July — well, OK. But it’s a great hub for accessing southern Africa and Asia — especially to South Africa. And wouldn’t it be better to do New York to Joburg in style?