Travel | March 15, 2017 9:00 am

Ever Heard of That Bag That Cleans Your Clothes for You?

Doesn't beat an hour in a machine, but it comes darn close

It used to be, you could travel the world with a garbage bag duct-taped together. Throw it on the scale at the airport and you’re set. TSA what? 

No more. Today’s suitcases can do everything but math: They’ll charge your gear, locate themselves, weigh themselves, secure themselves, put themselves to sleep.

We have something to add to that list. 

They can now clean your freaking clothes. 

Here we go. If the price we have to pay for the Singularity is a duffel bag that can clean your clothes — thanks to ultra-violet rays and activated oxygen, commonly used in fruit and vegetable handing and in public water filtration — maybe it’s worth it.

Call it the Paqsule, now being Kickstarted, a bag that takes some of the goodies above, cell phone charging, shoe compartment, laptop sleeve, and adds in the clothes-cleaning system. Think more disinfection than demuddifying — it’s not as good as an hour in a washing machine, but the one-press system will freshen up sweaty workout clothes or whatever you slept in on the plane. 

Get in now for the early-bird special — it’s $229, with delivery expected in June.