Travel | September 21, 2016 9:00 am

New Last-Minute Hotel Booking App Caters to Free Spirits

Sometimes, you need a hotel room right away (ahem)

Not everybody books their travel six months out. 

Some people like to … float. 

We’ve had it go both ways. 

Sometimes we don’t plan our accommodations in advance, and we leave it to the fates — and we sleep in the airport. 

Sometimes we leave it to the fates … and we get really sick deals. 

The new app from the team behind Standard Hotels is designed to help with the latter

You may remember Hotel Tonight, a last-minute hotel booking app that came on fast and furious, with super-solid deals for day-of bookings. 

But then, like so much out of Silicon Valley, it got greedy. 

It decided to do same-day, next-day, and seven-day-out reservations. 

That put it in competition with the hotel brands themselves — who were no longer just off-loading unwanted, last-minute inventory; when users could book on Hotel Tonight seven days out, hotels found themselves undercutting themselves. Not cool. 

Into that void comes The Standard’s last-minute booking app, One Night Standard.  

Now, the app is expanding — with a top-notch arrray of other hotel brands.

The two-dozen hotels in their portfolio are the ones you already like: The Wythe, The LudlowViceroy l’Hermitage, a bunch more in L.A., New York, and Miami — along with the Standards. 

Caveat: You can, per the concept, only book for same-night reservations, and only after 3 p.m. 

We’d take a peak for you, to see what’s on tap tonight, but guess what — it’s not 3 p.m. ET yet.

But you can bet we’ll try it next time we decide to tack a day on to our stay in Hollywood.