Quick, to the Arctic Superyacht!

Can you be comfortable being uncomfortable?

That’s an unusual selling point for a vacation.

But it’s the genius behind NWS Select, a new travel series that combines high-end accommodations with adventures that will definitely coax you out of your comfort zone.

Think glamping at the South Pole. Free diving with whale sharks. Wildlife safaris with actual National Geographic photographers.

Oh, and superyachts galore.

NWS Select is the newest set of itineraries from the UK-based Natural World Safaris, a speciality travel service that aims for high-end vacations in lesser-explored areas of the world (Hello, Svalbard!).

These are small group (12 or less) vacations, often luxurious but decidedly tailored toward experiences rather than accommodations.

“We don’t sell destinations, and we don’t sell standard of trip,” says NWS founder Will Bolsover. “We call it ‘right place, right time.’ We focus on the wildlife and what you want to see. If it’s snow leopards, you might be in a very basic tent in minus 30 degrees. Or, depending on what you want, you’ll be at a $2,000-a-night camp in Africa.”

The four new “Select” trips, which do offer a nice combo of amenities, danger and rarely-experienced wildlife, include:


Safari with award-winning fine art and National Geographic wildlife photographers to Antarctica, Madagascar and Svalbard. Polar bears, lemurs and Arctic foxes await.


Going off the beaten path. Explore croc-filled rivers in Chad, free dive with whale sharks in Djibouti, and embed yourself in Russia’s most remote frontier as you search for the world’s largest feline predator, the Siberian tiger.


Basically, the company’s taken rugged Arctic Explorer research vessels and transformed them into luxe superyachts that can still break through ice … which you’ll watch comfortably from your jacuzzi.


Your “money’s no object” Antarctic trip. Glamp at the South Pole, kite-surf in the ice, chill with emperor penguins.

All of these trips are available to book now.

And right about now, doesn’t helicoptering to the Yukon to chill with ice grizzlies sound uncomfortably great?