Delhi, India
Delhi, India

People often credit Manhattan with being the most populated city in the world, but all around the world, there are cities that blow Manhattan out of the water. And internationally, Manhattan doesn’t even compare to Shanghai’s population of over 24 million. Using data from the World Population Review and World Atlas, we decided to see what the most populated cities in the world really are. Check out the gallery below.

Tokyo, Japan: 38,305,000

Tokyo, Japan (Getty Images)

Delhi, India: 27,928,168

Delhi, India (Getty Images)

Shanghai, China: 25,888,000

Shanghai, China (Getty Images)

Beijing, China: 22,838,000

Beijing, China (Getty Images)

Mumbai, India: 22,046,000

Mumbai, India (Getty Images)

São Paulo, Brazil: 21,730,000

São Paulo, Brazil (Getty Images)

Mexico City, Mexico:  21,493,000

Mexico City, Mexico (Flickr)

Osaka, Japan: 20,472,000

Osaka, Japan (Getty Images)

Cairo, Egypt: 19,846,000 

Cairo, Egypt (Flickr)

Dhaka, Bangladesh: 19,580,000

Dhaka, Bangladesh (Getty Images)

Karachi, Pakistan: 18,160,000

Karachi, Pakistan (Getty Images)