Travel | June 24, 2017 5:00 am

Hotel Has Guests Taking Shine to 24-Carat Gold Bed Sheets

A Milan hotel lets you sleep like a king in sheets that sell for over $220,000.

A Milan hotel is giving guests a chance to sleep like a king.

Yes, five-star hotel TownHouse Galleria in Milan, Italy lets you rest in 24-carat gold sheets. (If sleeping on gold sounds rather uncomfortable, it should be noted that the sheets are actually only 40 percent 24-carat gold with the rest filled out by silk yarn.)

Should you decide that this is the only way to doze, similar sets of sheets are also available for purchase for over $220,000.

To book your stay in the Seven Stars Presidential Suite offering the sheets, click here. Take a closer look at the entire property in the video below.