Mexican Couples Retreat Promotes Drunkenness, Fertility

Drunkenness and fertility: dual bane of parents of high schoolers everywhere.

Also the subject of the shrine of Tepoztecatl, Aztec god of … drunkenness and fertility.

That shrine sits atop Tepozteco Mountain near Tepoztlán, a town in rural central Mexico where architecture firm EDAA just built this stunning 4,300-square-foot couples retreat that looks curiously conducive to … drunkenness and fertility.

Casa Meztitla, which seamlessly blends the home’s interior with the natural beauty that surrounds it outside, sits at the base of El Tepozteco on a rugged 12,460-square-foot site.  The natural stone used in the home’s construction serves as stylish camouflage against the rocky surroundings, which EDAA architect Luis Arturo Garcia refers to as “context in itself.”

The four-bedroom house sports separate areas for cooking and dining, bathing and laundry, rest and relaxation, and a lofted studio work space with a roof terrace. In order to account for potential water shortages due to seasonal weather changes, the home is equipped with a rainwater harvesting system that feeds into two reservoirs located closeby.

You’ll be happy to have them when you need a cold drink after a night of partying like Tepoztecatl.

Images via Wallpaper*