This ‘Nomadic’ Shipping-Container Hotel Will Travel Around the World
By Tanner Garrity / December 20, 2018 9:00 am

Evolve or die. 

Hotels might not be on the brink of extinction just yet, but they just don’t carry the same weight for travelers these days, with things like “Airbnb,” “camper van” and “amphibious caravanboat” capturing the nomadic public’s attention.

Enter: an idea eager to breathe some life into the hotel industry. It’s called the Flying Nest, and it’s a new concept from Ito Morabito’s design firm, Ora-ïto. Can’t beat the young adventurers? Go right on and join ’em. The Flying Nest is a pre-fab nomadic hotel that can be modified and set up anywhere around the globe. 

ora-ito (4 images)

Conceived for Accorhotels, Flying Nest is currently located in the Avoriaz ski area, a mountain town in the French Alps. The hotel is made up of a series of stacked, 12-square-meter shipping containers, each a little homier than its spartan exterior suggests. Inside awaits a well-appointed if crowded bed and bathroom, and outside a private terrace. In keeping with recent architectural trends towards cohabitation and communal living spaces, there’s also a ski room/mess hall of sorts for enjoying snow-capped views during breakfast and keeping the equipment dry.  

Another plus? Completely environmentally friendly. Each box is self-sufficient and made from eco-friendly wood. Oh, and they take just one day to set up. 

For more information on Flying Nest, head here. (Have Google Translate handy, the site’s in French.) And keep an eye on Avoriaz here for booking a room. They’re available to rent out come January 2019. 

All images from Ora-ïto